How to win a Nobel Prize?

The Bard of England

My Home is My Castle

Royal Family

Тема: Семья + Притяжательный падеж.

Type in

Click on ‘Woodlands Resources’ then on

‘The British Royal Family’,

next on ‘The Queen’s Family Tree’

and fill the gaps.

1.   Anne is Timothy’ _____________________

2.  Andrew is Beatrice’s __________________

3.  Autumn is Isla’s _____________________

4.  Charles is Camilla’s ___________________

5.  Elisabeth is Harry’s __________________

6.  Edward is Anne’s ____________________

7.  Eugenie is Philip’s _______________

8.  George is William’s ______________

9.  Louise is Edward’s ______________

10. James is Elizabeth’s ______________

11. Zara is Peter’s ___________________   

12. Mark is Savannah’s________________

Tower of London

Тема: Предлоги места.

Type in

Click on ‘Great Britain’,

then on ‘Tower of London’,

next on ‘Tower map’ and

fill the gaps with prepositions of place.

1.  Brick Tower is _____________Waterloo Block.

2.  Middle Tower is ___________Byward Tower.

3.  Lanthorn Tower is ____________Salt Tower.

4.  Mint Street is ___Casemates and Beauchamp Tower.

5.  Site of the Great Hall is ____Bloody Tower.

6.  Constable Tower is ______ Fusiliers’ Museum.

7.  Flint Tower is ______Bowyer Tower.

8.  Tower Green is ______ Queen’s House.

9.  Coldharbour gate is ____White Tower.

10. Hospital Block is __ Fusiliers’ Museum

and New Armouries.

11.  Cradle Tower is ____Wakefield Tower.

12. White Tower is _______Waterloo Block.

Weather Forecast

Тема: Общие вопросы + Погода + Дни недели.

Type in Click on ‘Weather’

and type the city’s name in ‘Find a Forecast’.

Look at the information and answer ‘Yes, it is’

or ‘No, it isn’t’. If there is no necessary day,

click on ‘Further ahead’.

1.  Is it hot in Auckland on Friday? ______

2.  Is it cold in Buenos Aires on Tuesday? ___

3.  Is it sunny in Cairo on Sunday? ___

4.  Is it rainy in Dublin on Wednesday? ___

5.  Is it windy in Irkutsk on Monday? ____

6.  Is it snowy in Izmir on Thursday? ______

7.  Is it hot in Krakow on Saturday? ____

8.  Is it cold in Kyoto on Friday? _____

9.  Is it sunny in Los Angeles on Tuesday? ___

10. Is it rainy in Sydney on Sunday? ___

11. Is it windy in Toronto on Wednesday? ___

12. Is it snowy in Vienna on Monday? ____